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  • Optex pro

    OptexVision is an American company that develops and distributes smart nano lenses. Looking ahead, we note that in the field of the companys activity is not strictly the medical aspect of the use of lenses, but also their introduction with the aim of improving the quality of work, which is an innovative development in this field. Since the mass production of optical lenses, cardinal innovations, began in 1913, this indispensable attribute of people with reduced eyesight practically did not undergo. Although some lens improvements were carried out (mainly the material from which the lenses were made), but it can not be said that the developers managed to introduce completely new technologies and achieve innovative functions. OptexVision, thanks to many years of development and improvement of the optical lens, was able to achieve significant results and is proud of the patented technology of producing qualitatively new \"smart\" lenses. During the development, the main goals set by the OptexVision team were achieved. The new nano lens combines three main functions: the stabilization of vision, as in a conventional optical lens; function of adaptation to lighting, which allows to adapt the image to the available intensity of illumination; and most importantly - focusing on the conditions of the workplace, the lens focuses the persons attention to working tools. The development has come a long way in testing and expert evaluations, as a result of which it was recognized that the innovative lens has a positive effect on the user and all the functions described in full are not adversely affecting the human vision.