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  • Electrominer is a self-powered Mining Platform

    Electrominer is currently developing a cryptocurrency cloud mining platform fueled by portable, solar-powered blockchain datacenter units in Southern California. Electrominer is utilizing clean energy to sustain its selfpowered mining platform. This is achieved entirely by developing state-of-the-art solar panel fields as a primary energy source for mining equipment, as well as sourcing other locally-available green energy including geothermal and wind energy. Token holders are granted access to sharing in the mining platform’s total computing capacity based on the amount of Electrominer tokens (ELM) they hold along with their membership to the Electrominer Cloud Mining Web Platform.

    Basic Information
    Easy To Use
    Electrominer Cloud Mining Platform is a Web Portal where users can rent Hashing Power for various algorithms, track status of mining process and get support from Electrominer team. The platform is simple for new users and efficient for experienced ones.

    Self Powerd
    Electrominer Mobile Data center units are housed in shipping containers, allowing high mobility for easy transportation.

    Clean Energy
    Electrominer is building its own solar energy station to minimize electricity expenses and reduce negative environmental impact of cryptomining.

    Cloud Mining Platform
    Guaranteed high profit from mining process due to low rental fees.

    Unlimited terms and flexible orders allow you to mine various coins on various algorithms.

    Solar energy helps to reduce electricity expenses and users’ fees for renting out mining equipment.

    Unused hashing capacity will be distributed among platform’s active users.

    Issues of Cryptocurrency Miners
    Electricity Expenses
    As of May 2018, Bitcoin miners may spend as much as 48%7 of their mining rewards on electric bills, which have a significant impact on their profit margins. The high cost of traditional energy and limited home space for equipment make the mining process more difficult and less profitable for the average enthusiast. According to the calculations regarding Bitcoin mining profitability (as of May 7, 2018), the
    cost of electricity consumes nearly half of the average miner’s profits (calculated by using the average retail electricity cost per kW/h in the United States).

    Cloud mining problems
    Cloud mining services commonly provide long-term mining contracts for an average of 24 months.
    The high level of unpredictability the cryptocurrency market is known for make a two-year contract
    very unappealing for miners for many reasons. For example, since the summer of 2017, the hashrate of
    Dash, an x11 algorithm-based coin, saw a dramatic increase from an average of ~40 TH/s to more than
    2 PH/s by the end of the year; a more than 60-fold increase.

    Low Fees
    Electrominer is introducing unparalleled and revolutionary features to the crypto mining industry,
    such as ZERO* Power Cost Strategy and zero-emissions policy. the investment in solar panels to
    power mining facilities and reduce electricity costs will maximize users’ mining profits. It also
    allows us to contribute to the development of environmental solutions for the future of Blockchain.

    The Future of Blockchain & Solar Energy Industries
    Generation of Solar Energy
    Blockchain technology has generated unprecedented opportunities and will lead to a generational shift
    in the evolution of the Internet, but it needs an exorbitant amount of computing power to function
    successfully. Besides the recent cryptocurrency boom, there was another massive upturn when the solar power industry experienced its own all-time highs. Currently the price for photovoltaic (PV) solar panels is economical and empowers solar-powered businesses to prosper, and the California Government motivates local entrepreneurs to use solar energy by offering tax benefits.

    ZERO* Power Cost Strategy
    Alternative energy sources have become more affordable than ever, but still face the challenge of
    power storage where solar power is concerned since PV panels produce electricity only during the
    daytime. As of now, the only affordable solution for mining is to purchase power from an alternative energy grid since power storage technologies are not yet developed enough to serve industrial crypto mining needs. Electrominer’s ZERO Power Cost Strategy was conceived by our team in order to use any and all means necessary.

    Token Sale Plan
    The goal of the ITO (Initial Token Offering) is to raise funds equaling $50 million to launch 7.5 Mega
    Watts mining facility and power it by own clean renewable energy. The funds will be used for setting
    up the solar energy generating plant, purchasing diversified mining hardware and setting it up into
    mobile datacenters. Funds will also cover the development of web platform that will grant the
    members comfortable access to their hashing power. Unsold tokens will be kept by the company for
    future retail distribution.

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