Ethereum based exchange, offers the speed

Security issues
Decentralized and hybrid exchanges must rely on secure wallets to ensure safe digital signing of their clients’ instructions. Initially, JOYSO will support MetaMask and Ledger Nano S; two wallets used widely and well-regarded in the crypto community.

Disaster Recovery
A user can cancel orders he has previously signed with assistance of JOYSO Administration. If the problem was with the JOYSO server, the user could lock his account for a period of time, then withdraw funds directly from the smart contract without JOYSO administrative involvement.

It is the way manage the deployment of new smart contracts, notifying users to withdraw funds and tokens from the old contract in a timely manner.It broadcasts operational status changes; for example, the launch of a new function, the blockchain’s current traffic load, system maintenance requirements, etc.

Features :
Code quality and testing
JOYSO use both behavior-driven development and test-driven development to ensure product security and a quality user experience. The use the Zeppelin Solidity framework to provide patterns for secure code that can be reused without duplication.

Smart Match
Off-chain smart matching; efficiently matching one-to-many.Customer engagement will be through both social channels and offline gatherings. JOYSO management has experience running education conferences and events and will use this to advantage

Aug-30-2018 12:46:57 PM